Editorial Policy

The prestige of “Russian Journal of Applied Ecology” journal is provided by the authority of members of the Editorial Board of the journal, which includes leading Russian scientists.

The legal basis for ensuring publication ethics is the international standards and norms of Chapter 70 “Copyright” of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Publication of materials of high quality and reliability; compliance of editorial independence and integrity.

Providing independent review of the materials placed in the publication. The editors of the journal review and edit all incoming manuscripts in accordance with the requirements for the publication of scientific literature. Based on the review, the editorial board can take it to publication, recommend the author to finalize the article, or reject it.

The editorial office of the journal is responsible for making a decision on publication, ensuring the validity of its decision by bringing to discussion of received articles members of the Editorial Board and third-party experts as reviewers.

The decision on publication is based on the reliability, scientific significance and relevance of the considered study.

The policy of the editorial board of the journal is based on modern legal requirements for copyright, plagiarism and libel laws, set forth in Russian legislation, and ethical principles supported by the community of leading publishers.

The editorial office requires reviewers to respect the confidentiality, objectivity, impartiality, clarity and reasoning of expressing one's opinion, adherence to the principle of recognition of primary sources.

Distribution, placement or reprint of materials published and/or posted on the official website is allowed only upon agreement with the editorial office.

Violation of exclusive rights to use materials submitted for publication and processing to the editorial board is prosecuted by law.